The Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) Program is the premier award for students that own and run businesses while attending a high school, college or university.

Selected applicants compete against their peers by presenting their businesses to a panel of judges. All participating students receive feedback from the judges. The top regional and national winners advance to the 2013 GSEA Global Finals for the opportunity to engage with world class entrepreneurs, receive media exposure, win cash, and share in over $150,000 in donated business services.

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Judging a GSEA competition is a unique opportunity that will have a tremendous impact on both your business and personal life. As a judge, you will be incredibly moved by the stories shared by the students and the accomplishment they demonstrate. Each one will bring you back to the point in time when you wish you had heard, “No you can’t do that….” or “Someone is already doing that…” when you were starting your own business. Their tenacity, drive and creativity will inspire you. There is not a person who has judged a GSEA competition that hasn’t walked away with a renewed entrepreneurial fire.

As a judge, your insight as an entrepreneur will be invaluable to these students. We invite you to apply to judge a GSEA competition and help shape the next generation of future entrepreneurial leaders!

If you are interested in judging a GSEA competition please e-mail Emily Egan, Vice President, Emerging Programs at